End of 2020 is coming at us fast...

Hi all.

Is it just me, or has the fast forward button been pushed towards the end of the year?

Exam time:

November 16th!  NCEA Exams start today!

We would like to wish all our students the best of luck. 

It’s been a tough year but we know all your hard work and determination will see you getting the results you want and deserve.           

To the teachers, thank you. Thank you for all the extra you have had to do this year, to help your students cope in unprecedented times.

ESA Team Building:

As we have have mentioned before some of the ESA Team work from home offices for part of the week.

Our Management have ensured that we keep our team spirit up!

Last month we attended a Social Cooking Team Building day.

It was so much fun, and we created some wonderful dishes. Food has a way of bringing people together.

Each month we do a shared lunch in our office, with a different theme.  This month, our theme is make a dish from any of the themes we missed this year due to lockdowns.

Looking forward to some creative food next week.



What’s new?

Our printers have been busy and we have had many new editions come into stock lately.

For the Junior Science Lovers we now have new editions available of 

Year 9 Science Learning Workbook and Year 10 Science Study Guide. Both are top sellers so check them out.

Level 5 Cultural Interaction is now full colour and the new edition is selling well .

The last of the new editions of our Level 2 Mathematics Singles is now available and the first two in Level 3 are at the printers.

Social Media:

Don’t forget to follow us if you don’t already.

We paired up with Butterfly Creek for a Halloween prize, and received photo’s of our little winner having the best day!

Our prize packs now include our new ESA Branded goodies! Keep cups, Face masks, Hand sanitiser and Back to school kits are just some of the things we give away. OH, and of course there are still LOLLIES.


We try really hard to pay it forward where we can.  We have sponsored a few schools that have reached out for prize giving etc.

Recently we also worked with Tauranga Sunrise Rotary and helped get much needed books over to Vanuatu, following the damage Cyclone Harold had caused.

If you think we can help you in some way, please reach out.

I’ll leave it there today, but will be back soon with a pre-christmas update. (Yes - it’s christmas countdown time!)

Take care.


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