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Hi Everyone.

2021 is nearing the end and what a year it has been!

I really hope in amongst all the worry, change and uncertainty you have managed to find moments of laughter and gratitude.

The New Zealand Curriculum refresh

The Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins, released a statement on November 10 regarding the pushing out of a number of timelines for the NZ Curriculum refresh and NCEA Change Programme.

Highlighting the impact of COVID on education over the past 18 months, plus the major changes expected to be brought in, the Ministry has recognised the pressure schools, teachers, learners and communities are under at this time and have looked to defer consultations, pilots, and actions by one year for many timelines.

“There is no change to their intent and ambition, and they will be adjusted to either happen at a later date or in a different way to help manage their impact on staff. This will include rescheduling engagements, giving more time for implementation and redesigning pilot schemes.” – Hon Chris Hipkins.

Key changes to The New Zealand Curriculum refresh

These changes will help schools and teachers to manage their workloads and deal with the impacts of COVID-19, as well as provide more time for them to be involved as they get ready to adopt the refreshed curriculum from 2026 onwards.

  • Testing of the vision for young people and the Social Sciences learning area draft content will now take place in term 1, 2022.
  • The refresh of the English and the Mathematics & Statistics learning areas will happen in 2022, supporting the upcoming mathematics and literacy strategies.
  • The update of the Science learning area moves from 2022 to 2023, with the Arts and Technology learning areas also refreshed in 2023.
  • The refreshes of the Learning Languages and Health & Physical Education learning areas move from 2023 to 2024.

Key changes to the NCEA Change Programme

To ensure the NCEA change programme and the sector are aligned, the NCEA planned pilot approach will change. However, it is still crucial that, in 2022, the sector can test and refine the new Level 1 subjects.

  • The NZC and TMoA pilots planned for 2022 will be replaced with Level 1 mini-pilots that have fewer schools participating.
  • NZC Level 1 (full) pilots will take place in 2023, instead of 2022, with full implementation by 2024. Level 2 pilots will take place in 2024 with full implementation by 2025. Level 3 pilots will take place in 2025 with full implementation by 2026.

For the full details of the announcement, see

 We will continue to update our resources to meet the needs of teachers and students as we move along this journey.

ESA Team News:

In late October we welcomed Pipianna back from Maternity Leave.  We have missed her a lot, as I'm sure our customers have too.  Keryd and Pipianna welcomed baby Vienna into the world on April 26th. She’s a beautiful little girl and i’m sure it won’t be long until we have her onsite stuffing envelopes :)


In other news

We were proud to have two titles entered in the PANZ Book Design Awards.  We were not a winner this year, but we recognise the wonderful books nominated for the Edify Award for Best Educational Book or Series (Secondary-Tertiary). Congratulations to Scotty and Stacey Morrison who won with their title “MĀORI MADE FUN”

We have also kept busy supplying the Ministry of Education with further reprints of our Start Right Homework Books. It’s an honour to be supporting home learners and children in MIQ with our resources during these times.


We love to give!  Our latest prize being packed as I type, was for our competition with Kidspot! Thanks to everyone who entered. Congrats to Angie who has won a $100 Prezzy card, 5 ESA Books of her choice and a heap of ESA branded goodies! Enjoy.

Christmas Hours:

Our Office and Warehouse will be closing for the Christmas Holidays on December 24th. We will be back and getting ready for the busy Back to School Period on Monday 10th January 2022.

I will sign off for now, and touch base before the year comes to an end.

Stay safe.


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