Level 1 Geography AME Workbook

ISBN: 978-1-988586-45-8

Level 1 Geography AME Workbook
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Russ Maged

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Level 1 Geography AME Workbook was published in 2020.

It covers three external Achievement Standards:

  • Geography 1.1 Demonstrate geographic understanding of environments that have been shaped by extreme natural event(s)
  • Geography 1.2 Demonstrate geographic understanding of population concepts
  • Geography 1.4 Apply concepts and basic geographic skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment

This workbook has brief exam revision notes for end-of-year study, with examples and NCEA exam questions from 2019 and earlier years.

Full answers with explanations and A, M, and E grades are given.

Use this workbook all year round or during Terms 3 and 4 to revise and practise exam questions.


Published: TBA


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