Year 9 Science ESA Study Guide

ISBN: 978-0-947504-88-5

Year 9 Science ESA Study Guide
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James Andersen, Mairi Borthwick and Jenny Pollock

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Year 9 Science Study Guide covers material from Levels 4 and 5 Science of The New Zealand Curriculum across the five strands – Nature of Science, Material World, Physical World, Planet Earth and Beyond and Living World.

At the beginning of each chapter there is an overview of the way in which that chapter facilitates the ‘science capabilities’ Gathering and interpreting data, Using evidence, Critiquing evidence, Interpreting representations and Engaging with science.

Written by teachers, material within the chapters contains up-to-date information on each topic, and there are numerous images and diagrams.

Graded questions assist students in thinking about, understanding and participating in classroom activities.

Full answers and an index are provided at the back of the book

The companion book Year 10 Science Study Guide, contains mainly Level 5 material.

A complementary title, Year 9 Science Leaning Workbook, is available.


Published: 12/2019


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