2016 Royalties from ESA Publications

Below are some pointers to help you understand your statement and payment advice.

  • The royalty for a book is based on:
    1. Your royalty percentage for the book
    2. Net invoice value for all sales of the book during 2016
  • In your Statement, the first entry dated 29 February is your 2015 royalty payment with the amount in the paid column (some may differ slightly).
  • Your statement may show an amount from Copyright Licensing NZ (CLNZ or CLL) where part of your book has been photocopied under license at a licensed school and picked up in a survey.
  • The payment advice gives details of each of your titles/editions.
  • A description like "AY11AC8-2" means (reading left to right) A=AME workbook, Y11=Year 11/Level 1, AC=Accounting, 8=8th edition and 2=2nd printing (first reprint).
  • If the description is an ISBN number, the book is a custom Learning Workbook which is either a single AS booklet or a combination of Achievement Standards from several Learning Workbooks used for a year under license or printed and sold as a print book.
  • A negative sales quantity/royalty are old edition books returned/credited from a bookshop.
  • "PNG/OUP” is a royalty from one of 20 ESA Study Guides adapted for Papua New Guinea by Oxford University Press, Australia.
  • “DSG” is a royalty from the purchase of a 12 Mth lease to a Digital Study Guide.

 Please contact Mark or Andrea ( with any royalty queries. 

Thanks for your ongoing support with ESA titles.