Level 3 Close Viewing of a Visual Text 3.9 Learning Workbook - SPECIAL (damaged stock at $5 each)

ISBN: 978-0-947504-74-8

Level 3 Close Viewing of a Visual Text 3.9 Learning Workbook - SPECIAL (damaged stock at $5 each)
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Robyn Restieaux

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Damaged stock at $5 each.
Damage to the book varies but is normally minimal (eg. bent cover, dent on book, etc). Content inside the book is still perfectly useable.

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Level 3 Close Viewing of a Visual Text Learning Workbook covers the NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standard 91480 (English 3.9) 'Respond critically to significant aspects of visual and/or oral text(s) through close reading or listening, supported by evidence'.

This Achievement Standard is based on The New Zealand Curriculum.

This Workbook assists students in developing their interpretation of visual or oral texts, as well as their insight into the purpose and messages of those texts. It does so by providing guidance to students in selecting suitable visual and/or oral texts, and then in identifying the purpose and the significant aspects of the selected texts. The numerous activities throughout the nook are designed to help students assess and analyse the texts they have chosen to study. This step-by-step analysis leads to the development of an evaluative critical response, to be presented in a structured, written format.

The Workbook features:

  • brief notes and clear explanations
  • carefully designed activities providing practical guidance
  • an index giving easy access to important terms and definitions.

This workbook is ideal for use in the classroom or for homework.


Published: 03/2018


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