Scholarship Statistics AME Workbook - SPECIAL (damaged stock at $10 each)

ISBN: 978-1-990038-34-1

Scholarship Statistics AME Workbook - SPECIAL (damaged stock at $10 each)
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Phyl Haydock

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Damaged stock at $10 each.
Damage to the book varies but is normally minimal (eg. bent cover, dent on book, etc). Content inside the book is still perfectly useable.

Not included in our multi-buy special.


Scholarship Statistics AME Workbook has been updated for 2021.

It covers the Statistics objectives of the New Zealand Curriculum up to and including Level 8:

  • Statistical investigation
  • Statistical literacy
  • Probability

The workbook has concise revision notes for end-of-year exam preparation, with worked examples to illustrate complex statistical and probability problems.

Questions are from the 2020 and earlier Scholarship Statistics exams.

Full solutions to all problems offer comprehensive guidelines and step-by-step explanations.

Use this workbook all year round or during Terms 3 and 4 to revise and practise exam questions of Scholarship standard.


Published: 06/2021


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